Capabilities and Technology
Endress+Hauser Conducta Inc. offers the most complete product portfolio for all your on-line liquid process analytical requirements. Including analytical solutions for pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorine/Chlorine Dioxide, UV, Absorbance, Cell Growth, Bubble Detection, Color, Suspended Solids and Turbidity.

Across all industries, cost-effective analytical measurements are used to optimize product quality, improve process efficiency and reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs. We offer process analytical solutions to the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Chemical and Refining, Power, Pulp and Paper and Water/Wastewater industry.
  Biotech / Pharma

The Biotech industry uses the Endress+Hauser Conducta Inc. pH, dissolved oxygen and cell growth systems to control and monitor bacterial and mammalian cell cultures in all sizes of fermenters. Endress+Hauser Conducta Inc.'s pH/conductivity and UV flowcells and analyzers are an industry standard for Chromatographic Separation and Tangential Flow Filtration skids in the Biotech market.
  Food / Beverage

The Food and Beverage market prefers the Endress+Hauser Conducta Inc. non-glass pH system and utilizes analytical solutions for color and suspended solids measurement to assure product quality. Endress+Hauser Conducta Inc. offers CIP compatible sanitary sensors from ½ to 4 inch to meet our customers' production demands in the Food industry.
  Chemical, Oil and Gas

Various Endress+Hauser Conducta Inc. analyzers are used in the Chemical and Refining industries for product interface detection, measurement of suspended solids and turbidity, color and product quality. We also provide solutions for pH, conductivity, BOD, TOC, COD and turbidity for environmental monitoring applications or plant discharge.

The Power industry uses our water quality measurements such as High-Purity pH, conductivity, hardness, chlorine, and hydrazine to control boiler feed water and cooling towers.
  Pulp and Paper

Our suspended solids and turbidimeters are used for fiber recovery and to monitor water quality of recycled plant water. Our analytical systems have also been used to optimize chlorine dioxide usage and assist in environmental monitoring for color and suspended solids and in off-site water discharges. We also offer solutions for H2S odor control monitoring.
  Environmental, Water and Waste Water

The Wastewater industry relies on Endress+Hauser Conducta Inc. solutions for pH and turbidity to control their plants more efficiently. Water plants use the pH, chlorine and turbidity solutions to assure filter bed performance and consistent water quality to consumers.
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